Wednesday, May 10, 2006


5,810,000. That is the number of hits returned when performing a Google search for 'Fidelity Newsletters'. Most of these links are obviously not true newsletters, but as of the date of this posting, there are about a dozen well known Fidelity newsletters that are being printed on a monthly basis.

So you may be asking yourself, why do we need another? My answer is this - the cost! This blog and related information will be free.

So what makes me qualified to write a newsletter, and even more importantly, why should you take any of my advice seriously? My answer is, you shouldn't, at least not yet. But hopefully, my record and written commentary on this site will speak for itself.

The content of this blog will include the following -

  • Fidelity mutual fund stock recommendations (with performance comparisons to the respective benchmarks)
  • Fidelity mutual fund news and my thoughts
  • Overall market commentary

So please come back and visit. And once again, welcome!


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